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The Latest Patch (full game only)

Patch Version : 1.55


To install simply download the file, run it, and point it at your Uplink directory. This patch is intented to work with the Full game of Uplink. Do not attempt to run this patch on the Demo. If you've installed a previous patch, simply install this over the top. You don't need to do a clean install from your Uplink CD. This patch will work with any version of Uplink. To see a full list of changes, click here.


Patch 1.55 for Windows

Patch 1.55 for Linux (.tgz)

Patch 1.55 for Linux (.sh)


Linux users : Click here for info on our changes to SDL_Mixer.

Linux Redhat 8.0 users : Click here for a fix to startup crash problems


Uplink Themes

These themes will change the look of Uplink. You need version 1.2 or later of the patch in order for these to work. To install, unzip them into your Uplink directory. Run Uplink, then click Options, then click Themes.


Dark Aura-X Theme

by Gary 'Icepick' Chambers

Filesize: 701k

Flames Theme

by Leander 'elDiablo' Hambley

Filesize: 1.56Mb




Uplink Desktop Wallpaper

High resolution (1024x768) 900K

Low resolution (640x480) 450K



The Genesis of Uplink : Part I

An article written by Introversion Software, describing the early days of Uplink and the motivations behind it.

Future parts can be read on the Bonus Disk. Click here to read Part I.


Fan Fiction

"Vapourised" by Switch - Click here

"Hacker : Lies and Deceit" by Indefinitive - click here

"The Unknowing Intruder" by Thomas Bottrill - click here

"Freedom" by Virulent_Virus - Click here

"Born Again Hacker" by Razer Steel - Click here

"Last Man Standing by TOR - Click here

"Dont Fix" by elDiablo - Click here

"Born Again Hacker" by Razer Steel - Click here

"TXT" by Chrysalid Zombie - Part I, Part II

"I Own a small company" written by PunisherBass - Click here

"Ardan Dulce est Decorum" written by Ardan - Click here

"Binary" written by Kostas Nikolopoulos - Click here

"Year of the rabbit" - written by sonnybobiche - Part I, Part II

"Nobody's fool" - written by Agent Alfador - click here

< "For they shall inherit the earth" - written by Adrian Cushman - Part I

"Trace" - written by Sam Miller - Part I, Part II

Story written by Jabberwocky (Click here)


Uplink is a trademark of Introversion Software