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Magazine Reviews and Articles on Uplink


PC-Gamer UK [score 80%]

"Perverse and brilliant, precisely the sort of work thing that should be coming from the underground, and a game which will be just as compulsive in three years time when the graphical rush of today's blockbusters has faded into obsolescence"

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PC-Format UK [score 81%]

"An utterly engrossing experience that makes you feel as tense or exhilarated by turns as any game in recent memory. Massively addictive, admirably original"

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Develop Magazine

"Dismayed at the games industry by day, making a great game by night, bedroom programmer Chris Delay co-founded Introversion Software, hacked together a barely funded business, and contradicted the powers that be. Welcome to the Revolution, 2002 style..."

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PC Format UK In Hindsight

"It was the bedroom coded hit of a period which simply didn't believe bedroom coded hits could be made anymore"

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PC Gamer UK Readers Top 100

9th Place
"Tense and authoritative, this hacker-chic reworking of Elite is proof that bedroom coding is still alive"

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Position 86 in the Top 100 PC Games of all time

Article in Information Security Management

Article about bedroom programming in PC Gamer UK

Position 89 in the Top 100 PC Games of all time

Article in 101 PC Games

Patch Review in PC Gamer UK

Article in Linux Magazine

Article in Special Reserve

Review in GamesMaster Magazine [score 80%]

Review in PC Home (issue 124) [score 80%]

Article in Launch magazine

Review in PC Utilities [score 7 out of 10]

Article in .NET magazine

Review in Computer Active [score 3 out of 5]

Review and editorial in PCG UK [score 8 out of 10]

Review in Space Magazine [score 8 out of 10]

Review in PC Pro [score 4 out of 6]

Article in MCV

Article in PC Basics

Review in PC-Gamer Italy [score 7 out of 10]

Review in PC-Zone UK [score 70%]

Review in Metro Newspaper [score 4 out of 5]



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