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Written by kostas nikolopoulos



The night...Your only friend from the early years of life and the only part
of those damned 24h,that you feel real.
It is strange(and you are always surprised by this)but,it's only after the
darkfall that you feel really alive.
A kind of Vampire?No,you aren't one,even if,sometimes you wish you'd be
one...Alone,Wise,Hated and Feared from everyone else.
Yeah,you'd wish to be Immortal but,you know that when the moment will
come,your body will fall dead like the bodies of all men that have fallen
before this one.
And,you know(in a strange and yet not understood way)that,this is
the night that you are going to die...
Still,you are not afraid...Oh no,you ain't...Fear of Death(and Fear in
general)isn't something you'd be able to feel.
As any other feeling(love,hate,pain,pleasure),this one's gone a long time
As a matter of fact,you only have two feelings left:
Emptiness(also called 0)and,
Excitement(also called 1)
At the end,it's all

Access Denied\Access Granted

Access Denied...That's what you read in your monitor for the third time
tonight.What's going wrong?
They really did it this time?Did ARC Corp. close all minor-grade security
Why their Internal Services Server is not accessing their Central
Mainframe?Hell,this can't be...
How do they comunicate?LAN network?No,can't be...ARC is really huge.They
can't controll everything via LAN...
Everyone knows that after all those hacks,Access in the ARC mainframes
became really difficult.
But nobody expected this...Are they insane?How can they keep on with all
this security?
How can their minor-access users enter their systems?What are they going to
do without real-time Information?
How do they know what to do for their work?

There must be a point.There's no other way.It HAS to be a

Disconnected...Third time in a raw tonight.Hell,even with all this
bounding,the traces are everywhere.
Gaining access now is getting even more vital.
The traces must be cancelled.This ain't a joke.This is not like hacking a
Government system...
The Feds arrest you,process you,make you work for them...
ARC just KILLS you.You know,the Feds almost make you laugh,with all their
search guaranties,grey-suits-and-
black-sunglasses look,and with their to-serve-and-to-respect-the-law
But,ARC's men are all different.Oh yes,they are.
You won't hear them knocking at your door,at 12:00 pm,screaming that they
have a search guarranty,doing all this mess of an arrest scene and then
talking with the journalists out there.
No,this ain't their way of doing things.Morelikely,you won't even hear them
coming for you.Won't see their faces.Won't even hear the shot...
Just pass away.From Life to Death.From 1 to 0

This night is going to be a long one;another cup of coffee;another
cigarette;another look to the clock;
Must gain access;retry;connection established with the ARC internal
Server;connection established with the ARC mainframe;
password:INVALID;password_breaker:NO RESULTS;ACCESS:DENIED


Do they finallly know?Did they understand the game?How did they find all
this kind of information?
Why the password_breaker isn't working?Did they really made it?Did they
evolved the new password_generator?
Why nobody knew about this?Why nobody talked?Why nobody warned about this


There must be something...There must be a weak point.There must be a
junction.ARC cannot have their systems closed.THINK!!!

Wait a second...This is it.This MUST be it!ARC hides behind a lot of other
companies.But which ones?Banks?Affiliates?Web-stores?
Which ones?
Must find a name...even more:must find the right IP and a name...
Must not try to access ARC mainframe directly but via another Corp.
But which one?

Hell,this is it!Could have think of it earlier.Everyone knows it.It's even
in the news:KRONOS Corp join ARC for a new missile system
This is it!Must brake in the Kronos first.Let's see if ARC trusts the new
ally.Sign down the admin's name;sample his voice;
bypass proxy\monitor\firewall;brake password:ACCESS GRANTED;voice
authorizzation:ACCESS GRANTED;decypher:ACCESS GRANTED;
cancel logs;all clear;find links:YES!!!;connecting to ARC mainframe;no trace
'till now;
look at the external camera:nobody around gateway;look files list;copy file
ARC no.2158;clear logs;disconnect.

Adrenalin is the most powerful drug(Excitement=1,Emptiness=0),but there is
something left to do:
send file via e-mail;wait answer;mission accomplished

...The door opens.They are here.You know all three of them.You worked by
their side for a long time.They are your teammates.
ARC Security Department
How did they find out?Why didn't the security system work?Did they bypass
Even if working as a double-agent(ARC killer and Uplink agent in the same
time),you will never come to know some things.
To tell the truth,you really don't care.But now,you understand why your ARC
password didn't work this time...
They don't talk.They just look at you and at the monitor.
They know;They knew everything before;
They just let you play the game for the final time;Now,it's their turn;
Silently they draw their guns,as you used to do with your victims.
They have no expression on their faces:ARC hires only stone-cold killers
The guns are facing you



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