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Hacker: Lies And Deceit

By Indefinitive


He's shrouded in a cloak of mysteriousness. Noone knows the real soul beneath. What is he? Is he a dark and sadistic creature? If not that what could he be? Something worse in the goverments eyes. He, I am a Hacker. Feared by most. Hated by the rest. Why am I looked on as a plague? The definition of a hacker is one who seeks information. Is that unleashing a daemon? Sometimes some Hackers misconstrue the meaning of hacking and let it take on its appearence of what people think of it. I am one trying to reset that bar that was hit, And dropped. I am TwisteR. And I am memeber of AWOL Corp.

Brief Overview On AWOL Corp.

It's a corporation thats designed to give companys access to newbies and terminal wizards.Basicly connects the registered user to the companys that need 'Assistance'. AWOL Corp. provides alot of young hackers expirence, and also money. Valueable resource + Expirence. It's not always easy and legit. If you got the skill and know what to do your a memeber of AWOL. Or soon to be. If you smart...Without AWOL it's very hard to land high paying jobs. And possiblity to work on special assignments. In most hackers books AWOL is a breeding grounds from some of the best hackers. And on the other hand you have STKL Corp.

Brief Overview On STKL Corp.

Designed for pure chaos. It recruits young prospects and older guru's. They are bread to dispise AWOL corp. It's because AWOL stands for the more notable hacking. While STKL is noted for its sneaky, highly illegal and moraly wrong hacking. Its the whole reason why hackings frowned upon so much. AWOL trys to take them out in varies way but they just recruit more people. It's an on going war. That will probably never be settled. But if it is. We can only hope AWOL is the victores.

Character Break Down:
TwisteR Nickname "Twist"- Main character of the story. An up and coming hacker. Underminds his skill alot. Has great skill even though he doesn't realize it.
Cymraeg Nickname "Cy"- A good friend of TwisteR (Main character) and of Cubby (Mentor). He excells in hacking but sometimes his rage contridicts his judgements.
Cubby- The mentor of TwisteR. One of the most elite hackers at AWOL Corp. Well respected.

Chapter 01 - Leave Them Alone

'cd usr'
'cd log'
'cd sys'

Cymraeg: "That'll teach STKL to mess with Cymraeg"
TwisteR: "Cymraeg what the hell are you doing? Why are you in a STKL machine?"
Cymraeg:"Twist they went to far...They set my bank balance to nothing! I just pulled a mission with Adaptive Networks for $500."
TwisteR: " You can make that back. Now there gonna be on us for along time. Now wheres Cubby I want to train a little more before my first mission."
Cymraeg: "Last I saw him he was in his room sleeping."
TwisteR: "Thanks ill catch up with you later."

Cubby was my mentor. He was preparing me for my first mission that I would be doing later that week. I've studied for about 1 year. But never had any real training. Finally I was gonna do something. If all goes well I can earn rank and start earning some money. And hopefully pull Cymraeg away from STKL. Hes good but hes gonna go to far one of these days...

Chapter 02 - First Mission

TwisteR: "Hey cubb, Been lookin for you I need to learn some more I think before my first mission and all..."
Cubby: "You've studied for a year. Most memebers study half that and do fine. You'll be fine man just chill and keep a clear head."
TwisteR: "Yeah but if I screw up im outa AWOL...And its more than my life now.."
Cubby: "You'll do fine! Go get some sleep you got a big day tomorrow..."
TwisteR: "Alright alright...I'll talk to you tomorrow after the mission."

I went back to my room down the hall. I couldn't sleep very well. I had alot on my mind. If I did pass. Ill finally earn rank and finally Cub can teach me alot more. And finally he can let me in on the big project he's doing. All he can ever tell me is he's onto something really good. Tomorrow will be a defining day for me..So I better get SOME sleep...


8:30am...Crap...I need to hurry up and pick and a mission and get started! Ahhh always in a rush! Finally made it to the computer.

'Run iRC'

Adapative Network Owner: "Ok Twist...Were on a secure server."
Adapative Network Owner: "This is your first mission am I correct?"
TwisteR: "Yes it is"
Adapative Network Owner: "Ok I need you to steal a file from Cravic Software..."
Adapative Network Owner: "I need CSn.Dat..."
Adapative Network Owner: "Don't be seen heard or caught. There defenses are minimal. Most you need to do is brute force the login and delete logs..."
Adapative Network Owner: "We are willing to give you $250 for completetion of this mission....Do you accept?"
TwisteR: "Yeah. I'll email you with the file when i'm done thanks!"
Adapative Network Owner: "Good luck. This is fairly simple you should do well. Good Day"
Adapative Network Owner Left The Chat

Alright...Like the man said this is a fairly simple mission...Lets just execute a bounce attack....There im on...Should I use a dictionary cracker or brute force...Brute force it is....Im in...And noones the wiser yet...

'cd usr'

'Copy CSn.Dat'
'cd logs'

Logged off system.

Let me just email this to Adapative real quick.

Things went Smooth. Here is the file requested. Thank you for this mission. Definatly looking forward to more.

Time to tell Cubby the good news!
'Races back to Cubbys room to wake him up!'
....Wheres cubby....?

TwisteR Screams: "Cymraeg wheres cubby!"
Cymraeg rushes in
Cymraeg: "Twist...You haven't heard..."
Cymraeg: "Cubby was taken in the night and beaten to death. Whatever mission he was working on. Was very bad. And he was in very deep...."
Cymraeg: "His files are left over there maybe you should take off were he left off...Whatever company it was he found something and they didnt let him say what..."

Chapter 03 - Taking Off Where Cubby Left Off

I Cyphered threw the stack of papers on the desk. I came accross one titled. TwisteR Read Me If anything has happened to me....

'If your reading this it's to late. You need to stop STKL. There planning to release a horrible virus. It will infect the banks, Social Security documents everything'
'It will send the whole world into chaos. And there gonna do it if we dont interviene. AWOL Most stop them.'
'TwisteR you and Cymraeg need to find out whats going on. Read the rest of the papers to find out whats going on.'
'You guys will have to figure out how to stop them...Apparently my efforts fell short...Hopefully your efforts do not...'

'As I told you in my other letter. STKL Is working on a virus that will destroy all information at Banks, And any other kind of records you can think of.'
'It will be planted in a couple of systems then swarm out of there and into others that have any connection with the first one.'
'I can help you out in one way. You must meet Derox he resides in room 23. He's the only way you can reverse this virus.'
'Hes in AWOL corp so it shouldn't be hard to find him.'
'What he will be doing is reprogramming the copy of Salation that you and Cymraeg will have to aqquire.'
'I don't know how you guys will get it to Derox. But you need to do it as fast as possible...'
'Do all that you can to prevent the launch of Salation. Im sure they will be testing it on smaller banks. So keep an eye out.'
'Prevent the launch at all costs...'
'Salation well be released at Version 5. Last checked it was at 1.5"
'Remeber place trust in the hands of those who place it back....'

TwisteR: "Cy what are we going to do! I don't know how to stop STKL. Noones stopped STKL!"
Cymraeg: "Well you remeber that STKL server I cleared earlier?"
TwisteR: "Yeah...what about it?"
Cymraeg: "Before I wiped it out I took a file called 'Salation .5' "
Cymraeg: "Might not be the newest version....But Derox should be able to do something with it right?"
TwisteR: "Well lets find out....The note says hes in room 23"

I didn't know what to think. Could me a Cy really take down a huge corporation?! It's not a simple task....I can't be...Specially if Cubby couldn't do it! I don't know what to think hopefully Derox can shed some light on this situation...A couple minutes later we finally made it to Derox's room. Here goes nothing...

'Cymraeg Knocks on the door'

Cymraeg: "Derox?"
Derox: "Yeah?"
TwisteR: "Cubby said you could help us with a "Program" It's called Salation...."
Derox: "I've been expecting you guys...Sad what happend to cub..."
TwisteR: "Yeah............So can you help us?"
Derox: "Come in...."

So me and cy went in. Average dormish room in AWOL Corp. He did have a pretty advanced computer layout though. He ran his own OS that he made. His computer was pretty impressive. If anyone could help us decompile Salation it would be him...

Derox: "Do you guys have a copy of Salation?"
TwisteR: "Cymraeg snagged a copy of it...We don't know how out dated it is though."
Derox: "What version is it...?"
TwisteR: " .5"
Derox: "That's not to much to go on. But it will work for now gimmie the disk ill try to decompile it..."

I gave Derox the disk. I just kinda stood there. Derox and Cy started some conversation about STKL's new recruiting policy or something. I dunno why they would be talking about that....I just spaced out for awhile. The death of Cubby wasn't something easy for me to take. I didn't want to accept it yet. And maybe I shouldn't? I kept thinking maybe its not true....It was just to early for Cubby. He had so much more to offer me. And it was just too soon......

'Just then Derox said "I got it"'
'I jumped he startled me'

Cymraeg: "You ok twist?"
TwisteR: "Yeah yeah it was nothing so what did you find out..."
Derox: "Well this version is only enough to infect small banks. It doesn't seem to have the ability to migrate to other computers."
Derox: "But who knows if they added that or anything else in newer versions...I need a newer version."
Derox: "I can reverse the virus. But for it to stop the migrating and other things I need a newer version...Can you guys get it?"
Cymraeg: "I dunno...we can try...but we don't know where to start..."
Derox: "Does STKL have a public file server?"
TwisteR: "Yeah but they wouldn't be stupid enough to keep Salation on that."
Derox: "They don't need to....I can make a program to infect the fileserver and send us there other server IP's."
Derox: "The only thing is you guys will need to hack the servers. Im strictly programming and hardware..."
Cymraeg: "How long will it take to make the program?"
Derox: "It's not an easy task...gimmie about a day. Till then you guys should make some money. I'm sure we will need to buy some stuff later..."
Cymraeg: "Twist you go get some sleep and ill go try to pull a few bucks alright?"
TwisteR: "Ok lets meet back here at 10AM....."
Derox, Cymraeg: "Ok"

I didn't sleep well that night. I kept recalled what it would be like to be with Cubby when he was killed. My brains tryin to tell me he's gone but my heart still says he's not....I dunno what I can do to accept it. Maybe I never will....

'Just then Cymraeg busts in the room'
Cymraeg: "Twist!"
TwisteR: "What! 'As I fell outa bed'"
Cymraeg: 'Laughs'
Cymraeg: "Well I made some money last night good old bank hacking. And I found out STKL was looking for programmers...."
Cymraeg: "They were giving missions....Maybe we can plant Derox in there?"
TwisteR: "Well its almost 10 now. Lets go over and talk to Derox."
Cymraeg: "You might wanna put pants on. Those scooby doo PJ's might not fly with him...."
TwisteR: "Doh!"

After I changed. We marched down to Derox's room.

TwisteR: "Mornin Derox!"
Derox: "Hey guys."
Cymraeg: "Whats the word on the program?"
Derox: "I completed it. But....Theres a snag."
TwisteR: "A snag what kinda snag...."
Derox: "The program has to be run locally...."
Cymraeg: "Thats no problem we can run it from the console after we hack into it problem solved..."
Derox "By locally I mean from the fileserver itself..."
TwisteR: "How....."
Cymraeg: "Welp...If we get you in STKL can you make it happen"
Derox: "Definatly....But how you gonna get me in there!"
TwisteR: "There looking for programmers....We can get you in. You infect the system and then program some of Salation and we can access it later.."
Derox: "How we gonna get me outa there after I plant it and program alittle of it?"
TwisteR: "That's the problem...We don't know how well get you outa there..."
TwisteR: "Well let me on your computer Derox ill plant the program at least while you two think..."

'Run TracerTracker.Exe'
'Run BruteForce.Cracker.exe'

TwisteR: "I'm in without a trace going yet..."

'Copy NewsServer.exe'

TwisteR:"Ok guys its in. Just not being run yet..."
TwisteR: "Come up with anything yet?"
Derox: "Nothing so far...."
TwisteR: "Lets make a deal with STKL say you can only stay for alittle? Maybe program something small and take the Salation code on disk?"
Derox: "Worth a shot....."
Cymraeg: "Lets open up a conference with em...."

'Run iRC'

STKL: Hey.
Derox: Hello.
Derox: Whats this job entail?
STKL: 6 Hours tops. Not to much to do just put together a "migrating" stream code.
STKL: Pretty simple. Shouldn't take long at all. And were paying $575.
STKL: You up for it?

TwisteR: "Seems good lets take the chance."
Cymraeg: "I'll second that. Its the only chance we got...."

Derox: Ok.
STKL: Come down to STKL corp tomorrow at 2PM. You should be back home at 10ish...
Derox: I'll be there.
STKL left the room.

Derox: "Welp everythings in place...I suppose I should start on the code so I can get in and out quick....
TwisteR: "Good idea. Well visit you tomorrow at about 12 at night...Hopefully everything goes good....
Cymraeg: "Well im gonna go back to sleep..."
TwisteR: "Im gonna go check the news servers....See whats up...Well all meet back here tomorrow at 12..."

Wasn't much going on news wise.
Mysterious Dissapearnces...
This looks like it could be interesting...

'World wide people are dissapearing. Not just the same old joe. Most are computer wizards that excell in hacking and or programming.'
'No connections have been made as to who, or what company is doing it. Police hope to make a break in the case soon.'
'Although no evidence, or fingers have been pointed as of yet. "This is definatly odd" says one police officer.'
' -cDc News Server '

That's....intresting...I think ill save this file and keep it and show it to Derox and Cy.....In the meantime i'll goto sleep...It's been along couple days.
'Set's his alarm and goes to sleep....'

Chapter 04 - Side Play

My alarm went off at about 11AM...I woke up with a odd feeling. Like something wasn't right. I didn't have much planned today maybe go check out what Cymraeg was doing. Other than that nothing much was planned except for tonight when Derox gets back. I figured before I went to check on Cymraeg i'd check my email....
1 New email....I'll read it then go....

'From - Unknown'
'Subject - N/A'

'Things aren't always as clean and clear cut as they seem....'

What....Who was this from....There it was again that feeling...That somethings just not right....I better get Cy....

'TwisteR Screams: "Cy!"

A few moments later he finally comes....
Cymraeg: "Whats up man?"
TwisteR: "Look at this email....what the hell does it mean?"
Cymraeg: "I dunno man....Let's go check on Derox before he leaves.."

On the way over there I told Cy that ive been feeling weird and odd. He said its just the whole thing with Cubby. Maybe he was right?

TwisteR: "Hey Cy when are they having the funneral for Cubby?"
Cymraeg: "Hmm...I don't think they are...."
Cymraeg: "They never found the body"
TwisteR: "......Then how did they know he was beaten to death....."
Cymraeg: "I dunno that's what we were told at lunch that day. And noones heard about him since. Maybe there wrong?"
TwisteR: "Somethings not right Cy im telling you..."
TwisteR: "I have something to tell you when we talk to Derox..."

Shortly after we made it to Derox. He invited us in and we got to talking about the email and everything...

TwisteR: "Yeah I got this email this morning it said... 'Things aren't always as clean and clear cut as they seem....' "
TwisteR: "So does it mean anything to you Derox?"
Derox: "Not off the top of my head no....hmm"
TwisteR: "I was searching new servers and they were saying something about hackers and programmers dissapearing all over."
Derox: "STKL has to be up to something...."
Cymraeg: "No doubt...We have a good amount of money lets invest in some cameras. Think you can plant em in STKL Derox?"
Derox: "Mise well try. This will be about the only time we get in there im sure...."
Cymraeg: "I'll go talk to Rog he'll hook us up with camera's for a decent price...."
Cymraeg: "Be right back..."
TwisteR: "How much of that migrating script you get done?"
Derox: "Just about all of it.I just need to add there scripts to it to make it functional..."
TwisteR: "Hopefully everything goes good...The camera's might be alittle hard to place but make sure you get prime locations."
Derox: "Will do. Its 1:30 already....Cymraeg needs to hurry I need to be there soon!"
Cymraeg: "Ya miss me already Derox?"
Cymraeg: "I got the stuff. Costed us about $500 bucks....But its worth it...."
TwisteR: "I assume you know how to hook this stuff up Derox?"
Derox: "That'll be the easy part....Starting the file on the file server now theres a challenge! But i'll get it done...I am Derox 'Laughs'."
TwisteR: "Alright we'll talk to you tonight. Good luck."

TwisteR: "What we gonna do now Cymraeg?"
Cymraeg: "Mise well make some money lets split up and do some missions."
TwisteR: "Alright see later tonight man...."
Cymraeg: "Peace"

On the way to my room I pondered what we'd find with the cameras at STKL. Or what Derox will uncover. And if he'll get spotted.....So many idea's floating threw my head. It was getting hectic. I couldn't think right. Definatly a good time to do a mission get my head thinking about something else.

'Run iRC'

Explent Industries: Hello.
TwisteR: Hey.
Explent Industries: This mission is a pretty straight forward one.
Explent Industries: Access CBInt's server.
Explent Industries: And delete all there files and bring there system down.
Explent Industries: There getting to close to there launch date and were not close enough.
Explent Industries: This should set them back enough for us to release our software.
Explent Industries: Were prepared to pay $1,000.
TwisteR: Good with me. Ill send you an email when i'm done.
Explent Industries left the room

'Run TraceTracker.Exe'
'Run BruteForce.Cracker.Exe'

That wasn't to hard....
'cd usr'
'cd logs'
'cd usr'
'copy NewsSever.exe'

Lets route this to startup when the computer starts...
'cd sys'
'write [Load]NewsServer.exe to win.ini'

I did my job I deleted the files. The computer might start but thats the only way for me to access it later....

Explent Industries,
Deleted the files. Enjoy.

Now that im one grand richer. Times growing near to buy new hardware. I'll have to talk to Derox about that. Geez how'd it get so late....11PM..Better go find Cy and see what he's up to. I'll check his room. See what kinda mission he's up to.....

TwisteR: "Hey Cy what you up to?"
Cymraeg: "Just finished my mission."
Cymraeg: "Was a pain. I had to steal some files from some company."
Cymraeg: "Geez...Its late..."
TwisteR: "Yeah Derox should be back anytime now."
Cymraeg: "Mise well wait in his room."
TwisteR: "Alright. I'd be suprised if he isn't there he had most of the script finished...."

Not long of a walk. I kept thinking of what happened. Hopefully everything was succesful. And that noone was the wiser....
Before I thought to much more we were there.

'Cymraeg opens the door'
Cymraeg: "You here Derox?"
Derox: "Yup got in about 30 minutes ago"
TwisteR: "How was it? I mean how did everything go?"
Cymraeg: "Yeah what he said!"
Derox: "Everythings great. Planted the cameras.....but..."
Cymraeg: "But what?"
Cymraeg: "Did you run the program?"
Derox: "Yeah yeah...."
Derox: "It's just that...I saw someone there..."
TwisteR: "Who did you see......?"
Derox: "I think...or thought....Cubby..."
Cymraeg: "That can't be right..."
TwisteR: "I believe him. I had a feeling he was alive....."
TwisteR: "What was he doing there?"
Derox: "Looked like he was helping out"
Cymraeg: "Now that.....That can't be right!"
Derox: "I'm serious!"
TwisteR: "Check out the camera's they'll tell us!"
Derox: "Ok...."

I don't believe it....It's true...Hes playing the sides.....

TwisteR: "Well now what are we suppose to do...."
Derox: "I'm not sure..."
Cymraeg: "Me niether...."
TwisteR: "I guess we'll just have to sleep on it....I don't know what to do yet."
TwisteR: "Keep watch of the camera's everyonce in a while Derox."
TwisteR: "We'll meet tomorrow."
Cymraeg: "I'm staying here to watch the camera's."
TwisteR: "Alright see you guys tomorrow....."

I can't believe he'd be helping STKL....I mean he told me to stand for good, For yourself. Some sleep will do me good.....
'Sets the alarm for 1PM'

Chapter 05 - Version 2.0

'Alarm goes of. Beep Beep'
'AHH! Plop....'

I need to figure out how to stop falling outa bed....Its getting old and hurts! I guess ill get dressed see what Derox and Cymraeg are up to.

TwisteR: "Hey guys whats new?"
Cymraeg: "I'm not sure....It's odd Cubby doesn't look like hes being held there but looks like he wants to be."
TwisteR: "Maybe hes just fronting to be with STKL?"
Derox: "Quite possible. Who knows though."
TwisteR: "Can these camera's be used as walkie talkies?"
Derox: "Yeah but if Cub's with them were screwed basicly."
Cymraeg: "It's worth risking right now. What else do we have?"
TwisteR: "Not much."
TwisteR: "Noones around him try talking to him Derox."
Derox: "Ok..."
Derox: "Cubby....Cubby can you hear me..It's Derox"
Derox: "If you can hear me connect to #AWOL on iRC...."

'Run iRC.'
TwisteR: "No word from him yet...."

Cubby entered the room
Derox: Whats going on cubby?
Cubby: Im going undercover to stop the production of Salation.
Derox: When will you come back to AWOL?
Cubby: Tomorrow.
Derox: Did they just let you in there?
Cubby: I gotta go well all talk tomorrow
Cubby left the room

Derox: "What are we suppose to think?"
TwisteR: "I havent the slightest clue....."
Cymraeg: "Im with twist...."
Derox: "I guess well know tomorrow"
Cymraeg: "I guess so."

TwisteR: "Hey look at the camera....Cubby's leaving...Think hes coming here?"
Cymraeg: "Good possibility."
Derox: "I bet he does."

'Just then cubby busts in. Breathing heavily'

TwisteR: "You got here....FAST...."
Cubby: "You'r telling me!"
Cymraeg: "Now whats going on!"
Cubby: "I had to leave and I needed STKL to think I was dead to get into STKL. Being the've never seen me I portrayed that I was killed.
TwisteR: "That makes sense...."
Cymraeg: "Yup."
TwisteR: "So what are we supposed to do now Cubby?"
Cubby: "I dont know. We need to stop production of Salation. There up to Version 2.0 now..."
Cubby: "There half way to the launch version..."
TwisteR: "Hey cubby where you the one who emailed me?"
Cubby: "Nope...Wasn't me..."
Cubby: "I'll catch up with you guys later I need some sleep..."
TwisteR: "Im with cubby im gonna take a quick sleeper....I'll be back in a couple. And then well talk to cubby so more..."

I'm not sure whats going on....And whats the email mean..'Things aren't always as clean and clear cut as they seem....'
I know it has huge significance. But where? Where does this come into play? Hopefully it will be soon....Now all I can do is take a quick sleep....

'Sleeps....And wakes up at 6PM'

I think i'll go get Derox and Cymraeg and check out cubby and ask him more questions....

TwisteR: "Hey guys..."
TwisteR: "Anything new on the camera's?"
Derox: "Everythings normal so far...."
Cymraeg: "Lets go talk to cubby..."

On the way down I could tell something was odd...Just a gut feeling. That something wasn't right....

TwisteR: "Cubby? You here..."
Derox: "Cubby?"
Cymraeg: "I say we go in....'Opens the door and walks in'
TwisteR: "He's not here...Look what his monitor says..."

'Im leaving AWOL Corp. It just doesnt feel right anymore....I'll visit in a couple of weeks....Stand for yourself.'

Derox: "What the hell! Cubby just leaves us?"
TwisteR: "Somethings not right guys....Somethings REALLY not right...."
Cymraeg: "Either way we need to stop Salation...If it's not gonna be with cubby so be it!"
TwisteR: "I guess so...Lets go to my computer and snag Salation Version 2.0..."
TwisteR: "Gotta connect to the STKL fileserver and retrieve the the txt file of the servers your program made real quick."

'cd usr'
'open servers.txt'
' - STKL Access Terminal'
'302.122.422.30 - STKL Storage Not Public'

TwisteR: "There's what were looking for!"

'Run TraceTracker.Exe'
'Connect 302.122.422.30'
'Run BruteForce.Cracker.Exe'
'cd usr'
'Salation V.5'
'Salation V1.0'
'Salation V1.5'
'Salation V2.0'
'download Salation V2.0'
'cd logs'

TwisteR: "What's new in this version?"
Derox: "Wow....This situation is looking bad...Very bad..."
Derox: "This version will transfer moneys from banks to any account programmed in the program. And worst of all...."
Derox: "Now it's designed to swarm to other computers. And then kill every computer it can come in contact with..."
Derox: "In short....Take the web down...And permantly...."
Cymraeg: "This is getting bad...."
TwisteR: "No it was bad when it was just gonna take down banks and documents of everyones life..."
TwisteR: "Now its absolutly a horrid situation...."
Cymraeg: "What are we gonna do!"
TwisteR: "What can we do now Derox?"
Derox: "I dunno....They could launch this anytime...It's complete...I dunno what else they could add...."
Derox: "I also dunno what they could be waiting for...."

'Message from STKL Has been received...'
'We need to talk join #STKL immediatly...."

TwisteR: "What's this about?"
Derox: "I dunno join see what they have to say..."

'Run iRC'
STKL: We know you stole all the scripts to Salation and deleted every reference for them we had....
STKL: We want all of it back....
TwisteR: We have know idea what your talking about....We don't have the scripts to Salation...
STKL: Someone does and we want them back....
TwisteR: Oh my god....I know who does...Finally it makes sense....

TwisteR: "Guys....We should of figured this out way sooner...."
TwisteR: "Remeber when Cubby got here so fast..."
TwisteR: "The email 'Things aren't always as clean and clear cut as they seem....'
TwisteR: "What was on Cubby's monitor... Stand for yourself.
TwisteR: "He stole the program...For himself...."
Cymraeg: "The greedy bastard......"
TwisteR: "Wait wait...We don't know if he stole if for use or to be destroyed...."

TwisteR: We know who has it but we have no clue were he is. And why would we give it back?
TwisteR: Considering that you wanna take down the internet and steal money and delete every bank/document of everyones life!
STKL: Woah woah...We would never take down the internet....
STKL: What would we do then? We would be out of jobs and hobbies.....
STKL: We planned to take money but never delete documents....

TwisteR: "How could Cubby add all of this....After he's taught us to hack good....Now he goes and turns evil?"
TwisteR: "How can this all be right..HOW!"
Derox: "It can't be why would Cubby want all this to happen...."
Cymraeg: "He always use to say the internet was evil...."
Cymraeg: "I never knew he would take it this far though..."
TwisteR: "He wants to be rich and throw the world into panic?"
TwisteR: "How selfish can one be?"

TwisteR: We might have a big situation on our hands...
STKL: We need to stop him...And stop him fast!
TwisteR: He has the finished scripts...He can launch this at anytime....
STKL: Well almost complete scripts....The transfer money from bank script had faults...Thats why Cubby (Groz as we knew him...) was called in...
STKL: He wont launch it without that fixed...So that buys us about a day or so at the most...
TwisteR: Well if were gonna sabatoge this launch were gonna need to team up...
STKL: Fine with us long as we keep the internet around....
STKL: No need to live without it....
TwisteR: We'll upload the fix file to you when we complete it. Well send instructions on how to use it with it....
TwisteR has left the chat

TwisteR: "You got a big job to do Derox....I suggest you hurry up..."
TwisteR: "Im goin to bed and you should to Cy...well have alot of work to do tomorrow."
Cymraeg: "Im crashin here with you twist. Derox when your finished come wake us up.."
Cymraeg: "Im sure by the time your done....He'll start launching...."

I can't believe cubby would be capable of something like this....It's horrible to think the person who mentored me was a sadistic daemon...To think I thought he defined the proper 'Hacker' type. I'm still shocked....I wish he actually did die...Maybe then everything would be ok....I better get some sleep...Big day...Big big day...tomorrow.....


Chapter 06 - The Fat Lady Sings

'Derox bursts in "Wake up!'"

TwisteR: "Your finished...? What time is it...."
Derox: " Yes and 8AM...."
TwisteR: "Get up Cy...."
Cymraeg: "Ahh...Why'd you wake me up! I was this close to laying Pamela Anderson..."
TwisteR: "Back to reality Cy....."
Cymraeg: " Oh yeah! Uhh hows the program work Derox..."
Derox: "You open up the Map.exe portion of the program. It'll show the infected computers...."
Derox: "Then simply connect to those computer and upload the fix file and run it...."
Derox: "Pretty simple..."
TwisteR: "Hows this gonna stop him from doing it over and over...?"
Derox: "It wont....But if were lucky we can find were he is and get the FBI on him or something!"
Cymraeg: "We have to trace him and fix the virus!"
Derox: "Yup....Who said it was gonna be easy...."
TwisteR: "I'll email the file and instructions to STKL...."

'To: STKL'
'Subject: The Fix'
'Ok you open up the Map.exe portion of the program. It'll show the infected computers.'
'Then simply connect to those computer and upload the fix file and run it'
'And have your other people that aren't helping fix the virus trace were he is and if you find him...Call the FBI on him ASAP....'
'Hopefully we don't fail.....'
'Good luck STKL.....Good luck.....'

Needless to say systems were getting infected RAPIDLY...We faught the infection off for hours and tried tracking him but he mass produced the virus. And gave it to friends to spread....We couldn't hold it off....We lost the most precious fight ever....The whole economy was in termoil....Mass chaos ensued....Riots eveywhere....Possibly the worst thing to ever happen to the world....Just because we couldn't stop one person.....A tragic day it was....We hang our heads lower anytime we are near a computer....We have failed....



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