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Written by sonnybobiche


“In a few minutes a computer can make a mistake so great that it would have taken many men many months to equal it.”


There it was, sitting in front of him as if saying “Go and play.” It wasn’t just any IP. It was THE IP. All it took to get it was some crummy acting and a dumb secretary. The poor lady… no doubt she would be fired as soon as people found out about the incident. “Irrelevant,” Alex thought. He was giddy with delight. Ah, how clever he thought himself… how fiendishly clever.

It must have been close to six o’clock when he made his move. Apparently, the secretary was in a bit of a hurry to leave her place of work, which she lovingly named “The Cage.” It is mainly for this reason that she was less than reluctant to simply give away the string of numbers that held no meaning to her. She was one of those computer illiterates. All she knew how to use was Microsoft Word version 2K9. It was outdated, but it always seemed to get the job done. In any case, she was quite happy to receive some simple instructions from the “Administrator” and be done with it. She hung up the phone after giving away the single most valuable set of decimal numbers in existence (for Alex, anyway).

It was amazing how far you could go in the world with just some manners and a phone. With only these things, Alex had just set in motion the chain of events that might take down the governments of the earth. A few hours at the Uplink Corporation BBS, and the IP had been given to well over a thousand agents across the globe. The revolution had begun.

After the development of mainframe computers capable of holding amounts of information eighty times as vast as the library of congress became a reality, people knew there wasn’t much time left. In the year 2005, the governments across the globe established what became known as the NID, or National Identification card. For the first time in history, the governments of every country had every piece of information available about every private citizen in the world at their disposal. Embedded in the small chip inside the card was all the known information pertaining to you. Data entries ranged from your income to the color of you eyes, to whether you owned a Ferrari. Although almost every person objected to this policy, it went through, nonetheless. The card was issued to every citizen of the world, regardless of whether you wanted it or not. No criminal could ever get far, because among the information kept in the card was where it was used. Every time a purchase was made, it was made using the card. All the information was then transmitted to the mainframe and its backups around the world. On top of that, there were receivers across the world that scanned for the signals the cards would send out. (No need to fear, however! Big Broth- I mean, The Government, would contact you when your card’s battery was running low). All it took to locate you was punching in your NID number in a government terminal. In a few seconds, they would find that the card was moving down Kennedy Street (or wherever) and there was no getting away. For six years, the underground tolerated this. Now, in the year 2011 they can take no more…

The Internet Protocol address, by the way, was for the Government NID Database. Alex knew what he was doing when he distributed the numbers that were so important to the rest of the civilized world. He was fighting back.


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