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Written by sonnybobiche


“The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty; not knowing what comes next.”

-Ursula K. LeGuin

He was a rabbit, jumping from server to server, hoping to bounce his connection enough to confuse the trace software that the NID database would no doubt unleash upon him. His last few sets of bounces were through several Government servers. Alex hoped this would secure him at least a few more minutes. He looked at his analog wristwatch. It took him a while to calculate the time based on the direction of the “hands.” It was nearing 24:00. People thought him crazy for using an analog watch, but to Alex, it brought back memories of the days of freedom. Since Alex wasn’t very proficient at telling time, he had to check back with the digital clock on his desktop to make sure he got it right.

Sure enough, it was nearing 24:00. With a deep breath, he clicked [CONNECT] on the desktop. He launched some bypass software at the server, but he knew it wouldn’t stop the tracer from starting as soon as he accessed the data. It would, however, stop the monitor from detecting that someone was trying to break in. It’s a good thing he bought the bypass software. It took the Elliptic Curve Encryption Decipherer a full three minutes to crack the code. On top of that, it took the password breaker thirty seconds to find the amazingly random FIFTEEN DIGIT code. It was smooth sailing from there, though. He had recorded the administrator’s voice from a webcast a few weeks back. As soon as Alex logged in, the trace tracker started its incessant beeping. The trace was progressing with amazing rapidity. In just ten seconds, it was over forty percent complete. Three seconds after that, the entire NID database had been reformatted. “Beautifully done,” he said to himself as he disconnected. A quick stop at InterNIC, and it would all be over with. He deleted his logs and disconnected, knowing full well the ramifications of what he had just done.

The next day, Alex Rodham was sitting in prison. One of his co-conspirators had failed to destroy his assigned backup server. The attempted hack was traced to Uplink Corporation, whom immediately fell before the wolves that were the governments of the world. It revealed the email addresses of all its agents- every one of whom was caught. Everyone was charged with a number of crimes, ranging from conspiracy to computer destruction. Worse than that, Alex had lost the fight. The wolves had killed the rabbit.


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