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How do I install new MODS?

Defcon MODs are packaged as ZIP files - they must be unzipped into your Defcon game directory, in a subfolder called "Mods". Once unzipped in the right place they will automatically show up in the Mod browser in-game (restart Defcon to reload the list)

Steam PC Users : Install MODs by unzipping them here:
C:\program files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\common\Defcon\Mods\

Regular PC Users : Install MODs by unzipping them here:
C:\program files\Defcon\Mods\

Mac Users : Install MODs by unzipping them here:
~/Library/Application Support/DEFCON/mods

Where do I find new MODS?

  Official MOD forums

Part of Introversion's Defcon forums, the MOD forum is used to announce projects, ask for help, form teams, and show off the latest MODs in development.
  Unofficial MOD list
Maintained by zanzer7

Run entirely by one of our fans, this list contains screenshots and links to almost every MOD ever made for Defcon, sorted into alphabetical order. Also hosts tools for making new MODs.

A selection of the best MODS

  Australia (New map)
By SpaceMonkey

Up until now the Australians have evaded the thermonuclear debate, peacefully sitting out of the daily genocide. Not anymore thanks to this new map.
  SatCon (Visual theme)
By Asurin

Replaces the moody blue look of the game with a detailed satellite image showing how the world looks from space. Also replaces the unit graphics with a new selection.
  Space (New map + visual theme)
By SpaceMonkey

Think outside the box; take your nuclear vendetta into the realms of outer-space and knock your opponents out of orbit.
  UK (New map)
By 0Avatar0

Ever fancied settling the score between England, Scotland and Wales? Now you can with thermonuclear fire.